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Tax Season

SARS has announced the new tax season dates.

End year tax returns: all taxpayers return submissions open on the 1st of July 2022, as with every tax season our associations recommend that we wait a bit before submitting as SARS generally has issues/bugs that they sort out during the first period of tax season. With this in mind we request that you send us all the information required as soon as you receive it, we aim to start submitting end year tax returns in mid August and as in previous years we will follow the first in first out method. Important to note that non-provisional taxpayers returns are due to SARS end October.

1st period provisional tax returns: taxpayers who qualify as provisional taxpayers are required to send us the information for their provisional tax information for the period March-July, with an estimate for August of 2022, during the month of July. We request that the last of these be received by no later than 5 August.

To see what information is required by you please view our checklists for end year & provisional tax on our tax forms page - https://www.aven.co.za/tax-forms

Our home page shows the deadlines for the respective tax returns

If you are unsure whether or not you are required to submit a provisional tax return please contact us, if you were required to submit a provisional tax return last year it is likely that you are required to do so again.

Additional note: SARS is set up this year to implement strict penalties if your tax return is submitted after the deadline dates and these penalties accumulate monthly.