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Tax forms updated

Tax clients should note that our tax forms have been updated.

If you make use of a logbook a 2023 logbook has been uploaded making it easier for you to currently keep up with the travel you are doing.

We have also added a form called "Income & Expenses" it can be used by anyone who can claim expenses against their income - people such as provisional tax payers (people who earn consulting/business income or rental income), people who earn commission above 50% of their total salary income etc.

At the bottom multiple tabs are available

The first allows you to record monthly amounts for your income received along with some other information that is useful for us to ensure your tax is captured correctly.

The second tab is the usual expenses sheet which has been adjusted with some items removed, simplified and added. There is also the ability to track each item monthly.

Third tab is for those who can claim their vehicle expenses and equipment that qualify for depreciation.

For those clients who want to claim home office expense please use the fourth tab.

Should you have any questions/recommendations on the form please feel free to contact us or mail tax@aven.co.za